What to Wear to a Job Interview?

With every first interview, first Impressions really count. It is really important to wear the right outfit to a job interview, it is more important than many people realise. The way you dress and the way you present yourself to the job interviewer, makes up a big part of the impression they will make of you in that vital few seconds of meeting you. When preparing for an interview, think of selecting your clothing as the icing on the cake, the fine detail that will pull all your efforts in together. Use your best judgement and don’t over think it. Now a days, the complete formal look of suited and booted has changed a bit, with a more casual look approaching as workplace attire. A safe medium to take is Smart Casual and add a touch of detail such as a unique pair of shoes for the men or an interesting piece of jewellery, nothing too over the top for the women. Read on for the best suggestions for what to wear to a Job Interview.  

what to wear

Professional and Polished

For the ladies:

Makeup should be kept to a minimal. Make sure your makeup isn’t too bright or distracting as it may look harsh in an office setting. Keep it clean and simple. Keep it professional and polished and as the saying goes “less is defiantly more”! Make sure your nails are polished and clean and present no chips.

For the Men:

Ensure to be clean shaven and well groomed. A fresh haircut shows that you put a lot of effort in yourself and it will also give you that added confidence in the interview. If you have facial hair like a beard, it should be kept neat and tidy. An overgrown beard will not make for a good first impression.

Choose your Outfit carefully

Plan your outfit ahead of your interview. You want to give the employer a very good first impression of you. The clothing should be pressed and clean and have no stains or wrinkles. It should fit you well and not be to tight, baggy, or uncomfortable. Comfort is defiantly the key here. Your footwear will not go unnoticed so ensure your shoes are clean, appropriate, and polished.  

For the Ladies:

  • A Tailored blazer is a wardrobe staple  
  • A simple dress or an A-line Skirt  
  • Blouse or Shirt  
  • Dark Jeans if appropriate 
  • Cardigan  
  • Suit Trousers  
  • Smart Closed in Heels/Pumps 
  • Dark Tights 

For the Men:

  • Fitted Jacket  
  • Fitted Suit Trousers 
  • Dark Jeans if appropriate 
  • Well ironed regular/slim fitted Shirt  
  • Suit Polished Shoes  
not to wear

What not to Wear

  • Never wear clothes that are stained or dirty  
  • Never wear revealing clothing. It does not give a good impression  
  • No short skirts or glitter sequins  
  • Do not overdo it on the perfume/fragrance  
  • Trousers should not be hanging on the floor/no missing buttons, etc. 
  • No distracting bright colours or patterns  
  • If you have tattoos or piercings, they should not be on show  
  • If you are a smoker, never smoke before an interview as it is best to avoid the lingering smell 

It is important to remember that you also want the focus on your experience, skills, and personality. So, the less distracting outfit, the better so choose wisely! A classy look is the key ingredient. Personality and experience are the most important and at the end of the day, they are what will get you the job. A Clean and Crisp outfit will leave a lasting positive impression. Find out more top tips for job interviews and how to make a positive impression.