Top Tips for Job Interviews 

So, you have applied for a job and sent your CV, and you finally got an interview date, good for you! You may have gone to a lot of interviews, but interviews never seem to get any easier, for some anyway! Even the most qualified and smartest job seekers have to prepare for an interview. You must practice your interview skills as there are no second chances to make a first impression. Every job interview, you are meeting new people and selling yourself and your skills to someone you don’t know. You have done your research and your interview day has come. Staying enthusiastic and upbeat through it all is important especially if you are being interviewed for a job that you really want. Your CV is basically transforming into you and it gives you the opportunity to improve on the paper impression. Acing your interview isn’t about doing anything out of the ordinary or extreme it is about using the skills that you have and reinforcing them on the day.

Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for your job interview and make a maximum impression on the interviewer.

job interview

1. Prepare and Practice 

It is one thing to be prepared for the question “why should we hire you” but it can be challenging to say it in a convincing and confident way. Research and review the typical interview questions that employers would ask. You should back up your CV and have complete and concise answers to every question. The best thing to do is practice your answers. It is extremely important to listen to the employers very carefully in order for you to answer the questions correctly. Also, you should have a list made for questions that you would like to ask the employer.

2. Research the Company

Research the company that you are going to have the interview with as this will prepare you for the question “what do you know about this company”. As the saying goes “Fail to plan, and you plan to fail”. Do your homework and you will proudly enter the interview with confidence.

3. Look and Dress the Part 

Appearance isn’t everything, but first impressions really count, in plain fact, you are judged before you have even spoken a word. It is important to be well groomed and to know what to wear. Whether you wear something less formal or a suit, your clothes should fit correctly, your shoes polished, fingernails clean, and accessories kept to a minimum. It also can depend on the type of job that you are going for. It shows a desire to succeed in getting the job if you dress one level above the job.

dress to impress

4. Practice your Non-Verbal Communication

Show your confidence, give a good firm handshake, make eye contact with the employer, have a good posture, and speak clearly. The first non-verbal impression can be a great beginning or a quick ending to your interview. Use the appropriate body language it shows you are interested. An employer can positively be influenced by 55% of your body language. Smile and show your enthusiasm. Be polite and professional. It will go a long way.

5. Always be on Time 

Always be on time for an interview and this means be early. On time usually means arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. Beforehand know exactly where you are going and how long it takes to get there. It is never a good impression if you are late for the interview. Give yourself plenty of time.

6. Ask Questions 

You should prepare questions to ask the interviewer, this demonstrates and shows that you are interested in the position and their company. Prepare a minimum of 5 questions. Many times, the good questions come from the ones you were asked during the interview and additional information you took in.


7. Keep Calm 

Good preparation for an interview is to stay in control. Allow yourself extra time when leaving for the interview in case of any delays and get everything that you need ready the night before. During the job interview, stay calm and try to relax. Your body language will say a lot about you when answering your questions. Pay attention to what is being asked and make sure to listen very carefully before you speak. Remember to smile and speak clearly. An interviewer is just a normal person like you, they too can be a bit nervous.

Follow up on the interview 

Follow up on your interview 24 hours later. Send a Thank You email reiterating your interest in the position. If you forgot any information in the interview, then put it into the thank you email.