Top Hotel Management Courses in Ireland

Ireland is famous for a lot of things such as rainy days, food, famous poets like W-B. Yeats, Guinness, and exceptional hotel management courses. The hospitality management industry is forever expanding and it employs a vast number of people worldwide. Now is the perfect time to start preparing yourself for a big role in the hospitality industry! Hotel management is considered the heart of the tourism industry. New resorts and hotels are always looking for new employees and have a variety of employment opportunities available. Hotel management is one of the courses in high demand and is very popular compared to other ones.
Hotel Management will introduce every individual to all aspects of hotel management from beverage to food, to front office and sales. The course comprises of various multidisciplinary studies, some include marketing, business management, event management, tourism, and public relations. A big part of hotel management is knowing all of the operational aspects of the hotel such as the food, service, restaurant and bar.

Business Studies (International Hotel Management) (Shannon)

The business studies international hotel management course at Shannon College gives students the unique opportunity to combine professional language development, practical training, hands on work experience, and extensive business studies in the international hotel industry. With a combination of theory and practical learning, it will create a confident and dynamic graduate and essentially equip them at the beginning of their new career in business management in the hotel industry.

BComm in International Hotel Management (Shannon/NUI)

This BComm in the international hotel management course will equip students with a unique set of skills to work in the international hotel industry and provides extensive theory specialising in their chosen business field. In the fourth-year, students will study in the NUI Galway campus. All students will also gain international experience during their studies, making them highly sought-after graduates.

About Shannon College

Shannon College of Hotel Management was founded in 1951 and is one of Ireland’s and Europe’s most prestigious and dedicated hotel management colleges. Shannon has also recently become part of NUI Galway. Every year 100 students are picked to begin their careers in hotel management. The college is renowned internationally for educating some of the world’s most prominent hospitality professionals. Students are also given an internship opportunity with prestigious hotel companies such as Ritz, Carlton, Four Seasons, and many more. The college is partnered with over 100 hotels across 16 countries. The ethos results from Shannon college is a unique and rich educational experience for students which includes a code of discipline and wearing a college suit as standard. Students can be easily identified wearing the college suit which must be worn to classes every day. It will prepare the students for responsibility in grooming and appearance which is what would be expected from a hotel manager.

Undergraduate BSc Hospitality Management  (TU)

In this hospitality management course at TU, students will learn how to be competent managers in any functional area in a hospitality business whether that is working in a resort or a top hotel or even opening your own bar or restaurant. This course offers a range of academic and learning styles to maximise the learning experience. Students will learn all the necessary skills to run a business and are also given plenty of opportunities to put their skills to practice.

Higher Certificate in Hospitality Services Management part-time (TU)

This higher certificate two-year course in TU will give students a real insight and great in-depth knowledge on the day to day running of a successful business in the hospitality and tourism sector. Students will develop the management skills and techniques that are required to manage all aspects of running a hospitality business.

About TU (formally known as DIT) School of Hospitality Management & Tourism

DIT (TU) is Ireland’s centre of excellence in Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and Event management education. The demand for hospitality graduates is consistently growing every year within the global hotel, business, health, leisure, and education sectors. The college offers a wide range of courses to equip students with business and management skills, setting them up to work in the hospitality industry.

Undergraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management

This Hospitality Management course in Griffith College provides practical training to equip all students with the hospitality service skills which are necessary for assisting them in their future careers. The 2-year period also includes 1,000 hours of work experience during the summer months. All practical training skills will be given in the area of beverage and food service and food production skills. All students are given the opportunity to gain real life experience through the on-site college training restaurant which will prepare each student for a full-time career in the hotel management industry.

About Griffith College

Griffith College is one of Ireland’s largest independent third-level colleges with institutions located in Cork, Limerick, and Dublin. Griffith college was established in 1974. The institute has established a national and international reputation for its student success rate and academic excellence. At Griffth college, they use a variety of teaching methods such as project work, tutorials, independent study, web-based learning and discussion.

Hospitality Management BBus degree (CIT)

A 3-year Hospitality management course in CIT combining practical elements of hospitality management with key management skills, knowledge and competencies giving graduates the best possible foundation for a future career in the hotel industry. A mandatory work placement of a minimum of 12 weeks between the first and the second year is required.

About CIT Cork Institute of Technology

CIT has an established record of providing every student with superb opportunities for employment and a firm basis for future career development. Cork Institute of Technology is known to be one of the most highly rated third level colleges for education in Ireland, in both excellent staff-student relations and facilities. CIT also offers world-class and flexible online courses. All online courses are led by an instructor.

·    Higher Certificate in Arts Hospitality Studies  (WIT)

This full time 2-year higher certificate hospitality studies course will qualify every student with many different employment skills to work in the hospitality industry at a professional level. All students will be trained in both practical and theory including a work placement period in the hospitality sector at the end of year 1. WIT has 1st class facilities to teach all students applied and practical skills in specific service restaurants, teaching kitchens, language laboratories, and demonstration theatres.

·    Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management  (WIT)

A 4-year level 8 full-time course in hospitality management is designed to equip graduates with a combination of thorough knowledge and business skills of the hospitality environment. During year 3 of semester 1, every student must complete a work placement which is organised by the college in a hospitality organisation in Ireland or abroad. All students will be involved in making the decision of their work placement to ensure their choice is appropriate to their interests and aspirations for their future career. Students will gain a real insight and experience for working in the hotel management industry.

About Waterford Institute of Technology

Waterford Institute of Technology is located in the southeast of Ireland and is one of the largest institutes of technology in Ireland. In 1970, WIT was established as a regional technical college and in 1998 it was then awarded an IT status. WIT is a university-level institute with over 10,000 students and 1,000 staff members. The college is one of the largest IOT’s in Ireland and is the leading provider of higher education in the South East region.