Hotel recruitment agency Dublin

Hotel Recruitment Agency Dublin

When it comes to the hospitality sector or industry, you certainly have a lot of sub-sectors (and job prospects) from which to choose. You can opt to go into the food service industry, or you can go into the travel and tourism sector. You can choose to have a job in a hotel or inn, or you can work on a cruise ship. The possibilities are endless, and if you have the right frame of mind, as well as the right attitude and set of skills, you can go far. When you are first starting out, there are two very important factors that you need to keep in mind – here are the two most essential tips to launching a great career in the hospitality sector.

1. Know what you can do – and how you can sell your unique set of skills and attitude

The hospitality industry often involves close contact with other people, whether it’s your own colleagues (if you work in a kitchen as a cook, for example, you’d have to learn how to work together as a team with other cooks) or customers. The thing is, you can’t be a loner, that’s for sure. If you are highly sociable and know what you can do, you can easily sell yourself. Attitude counts for a lot as well, having a positive attitude is one of the keys to success in the hospitality sector. Determine what distinguishes you from other candidates, and learn to promote this.

Also, you have to come up with a long-term strategy for career growth in the sector. You can’t just attempt to join the sector to ‘have fun,’ you have to have a clear goal which you should state to the interviewer or company which you are hoping to get into. Managers admire those with clear, long-term goals, as it shows that they are serious about launching themselves in the industry.

2. Know how it works

You also have to know how the sector works. There’s something special about the hospitality sector, in that most managers and executives who already have high positions in the industry often started out as entry-level workers – washing dishes, serving food and drinks, and so on. Don’t dismiss your experience as an entry-level worker, because it will build your character and help you gain a unique insight into the workings of the industry you are in. If you’ve experienced an entry-level job, you can honestly say that you know the ins and outs of a restaurant, a travel agency, a hotel, and the like.

Additionally, with the hospitality sector, more often than not, all you need to do is gain a foothold. Once you have gained a foothold as an entry-level worker, it’s relatively easy to gain promotion, as an experienced restaurant and hospitality recruitment agency in Dublin like Maria Logan Recruitment will tell you. Climbing up the ladder within the hospitality industry is easier to do compared to other industries, as it’s a dynamic, ever-changing sector that is constantly looking for top talent.