Hotel and catering recruitment agency Dublin

Hotel and Catering Recruitment Agency Dublin

The hospitality industry presents a lot of opportunities for different kinds of workers, whether you are involved in the food sector, the tourism sector, or the hotel sector. Sometimes, there is a mistaken assumption that the hospitality industry is only open to younger workers. This is entirely untrue, the hospitality industry places great value on work experience, life experience, and the right attitude and skills, no matter what age group you are. If you are older and are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality sector, here’s a list of some job opportunities for the older worker to consider.

Workplaces that target senior clients

There are many workplaces which target the senior workforce, especially when the workplace offers a lot of senior privileges and activities. There are actually some hotels nowadays which focus on employing older workers, since they can relate more readily to senior guests than younger workers. It’s not just a matter of age, per se – it’s also a matter of life experience. If you are seeking a job in a senior-friendly hospitality establishment, you can certainly find plenty of opportunities, especially with help from a good catering recruitment agency in Dublin such as Maria Logan Recruitment.

Workplaces that focus on stellar customer service

If you are lucky enough to already have experience in customer service, then you may benefit from seeking jobs in workplaces which focus on great customer service and support. Some hotel managers and restaurant managers actually prefer older workers since they show a higher level of patience and understanding, especially towards difficult or disagreeable customers. They have a better understanding of how to handle such customers because of their emotional maturity.

Workplaces that offer night shifts or early shifts

The hospitality industry doesn’t rest, especially Maria Logan Recruitment. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why, as an older worker, you may want to try out workplaces which offer night shifts or early morning shifts, depending on your preference. If you’re a night owl, then you may enjoy working in an environment which offers night shifts. The same is true if you are an early bird – you can find jobs that have shifts which begin at 6 in the morning. If you are looking for weekend or holiday work, jobs in hotels and catering establishments are well worth a try.

Some tips worth remembering

When you have identified job opportunities, it would be worth your while to ask about the physical requirements of the job. Some jobs, for instance, may require you to stand for a long time, and you may not be amenable to this. It would be a good idea to visit your prospective workplace before the interview so you can get a feel for the environment, and see first-hand how employees interact with each other. You could even try dining in a prospective restaurant or stay for a night in a prospective hotel, so you can really assess how your prospective workplace works – if you had a nice meal or a nice stay, that’s a good sign.

If you are looking for a new career and new job opportunities as an older worker, the hospitality industry has a lot to offer. You just have to know what you want and what to expect, you should have no difficulty in finding the right kind of job relevant to your needs and requirements.