hospitality recruitment agency Dublin

Hospitality Recruitment Agency Dublin

Anyone who has ever stayed in a hotel will know all too well the level of service that a good hotel can provide. A hotel is comprised of numerous workers, from front desk personnel to food servers to maintenance engineers and so on. All these workers are united in their aim to provide guests with the best service they can expect, and this unity and top customer service is what often attracts people to a career in the hospitality sector. Do you want a hotel career? Here are some of the most lucrative jobs you can take advantage of in any hotel.

Hotel general manager

The general manager of a hotel has a number of responsibilities, and although the job may not be the easiest out there, it can be one of the most rewarding. As a general manager, you have to oversee the entire operations of the hotel as well as its staff. Other responsibilities you may have as a general manager is creating schedules, maintaining inventory, and resolving any problems or issues that arise. Of course, there are departments for inventory, accounting, and the like, but you still have to know what goes on and what needs to be done in these different departments. To be hired as a general manager, you need to have relevant experience in hotels; some smaller hotels may accept an applicant with a diploma for high school or its equivalent, but other hotels which are larger may require a general manager with a bachelor’s degree.

Public relations officer

Another lucrative job in the hotel sector would be as public relations officer. This position entails that you create and come up with campaigns in order to promote the establishment, particularly when there are special events. You are also in charge of seeking press coverage and developing the hotel’s public persona or image. As a public relations officer, you are in charge of overseeing written or verbal releases to the media regarding new offers, promotions, and updates.

Sales manager

As a sales manager, you are expected to find ways to increase the number of clients or guests staying at the hotel, and this is a fact confirmed by Maria Logan Recruitment, a leading hotel recruitment agency in Dublin. Your ultimate goal is to fill each and every room through the entire year. Your role as a sales manager is not limited to individual clients or families, however – in fact, it would be highly-profitable to focus on groups, organisations, and corporate guests or clients. To become a sales manager, you would often need relevant experience as a sales executive or representative, and a bachelor’s degree is preferred.

Front desk officer

Front desk officers are often one of the first representatives of a hotel – as soon as the guest walks in and proceeds to check in, they will interact with the front desk officer. As front desk officer, you are responsible for welcoming guests, confirming or booking their reservations, and taking charge of any special requests. Front desk officers go on shifts so a front desk officer will always be available any time of day or night. For front desk officers, a high school diploma will often suffice, and a pleasant personality and good skills in communication are preferred as well.