catering recruitment agency Ireland

Catering Recruitment Agency Ireland

Running a restaurant or catering business is never easy. There are a lot of details in the operation that you have to deal with. You also need a full staff, especially for large events. In some cases, several events happen at once. You don’t want to refuse an opportunity to provide catering services since this could also affect your business. You can easily manage the operation though when you have the best people for the job.

To make it easier for you, choose a catering recruitment agency Ireland. They specialise in providing companies with quality employees to do the job. You just have to let them know the nature of the position you want to be filled and they will do the rest.

Hospitality staff

If you want people to work as cooks, waters, food artists and technicians, they can immediately give the best employees to work with you. It is also possible to hire part-time employees if you only need them for certain jobs. These agencies have a bank of potential employees you can choose from. They will filter the choices on your behalf and send you only those who deserve to work with you considering the standards of the company.

Managerial positions

You can count on the hotel recruitment agency to help out not only in deploying hospitality staff but even managers. They can provide supervisors, team coordinators and head chef to help you. These are more serious positions, so you can be more involved in the selection process. Nevertheless, they can help fill those positions for you.

Hiring process

If you choose to partner with a catering recruitment agency in Dublin, you can count on them to deal with the entire process. They will contact potential employees. They will also screen them. They will help negotiate the terms and conditions of employment. They will even provide orientation for you. This process becomes easier for you since you just have to wait until someone is deployed.

You can even call them back to let them know that you were not satisfied with certain employees whom they have sent. They can send an instant replacement since it is their responsibility to give you the kind of staff you need to do the job.

Finalising the partnership

If you have finally decided to partner with a hotel and catering recruitment agency in Dublin, you can hash out the details of the said partnership. You need to decide how the payment should be made. It can be by counting the number of employees sent to work with you. It can also be on a monthly basis, regardless of the number of employees deployed. You choose whatever works for you. Be practical in making your decision.

Ultimately, you should feel better since you now have a partner when it comes to recruitment. You don’t have to go through this long process on your own. You can also count on the agency to do a great job in screening the choices.