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Catering Recruitment Agency Dublin

There are undoubtedly a great number of opportunities to establish a career in the hospitality industry, and the industry also includes the sub-sector of catering. The catering sector is ideal for those who love to cook and serve, who can work under pressure, and who value customer satisfaction as well. Many positions can be found in the catering sector, but there many different kinds of catering businesses and establishments where you can work if you’re so inclined. Let’s have a look.

Kinds of catering establishments and businesses

1. Special event catering

Special event catering can also be referred to as corporate catering, and this is where an establishment specialises in events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, product launches, funerals, and other occasions where a caterer’s expertise is needed. The caterer will be in charge of providing food for the event or occasion and serve it as well. Whilst a catering job in special events can be periodic, meaning a job is often only required when there is a special event or occasion, the money you can make on one event may well be substantial.

2. Mobile catering

Another kind of catering is mobile catering, where food is prepared and served in a vehicle which can then be moved or driven from one location to another, wherever customers or diners are likely to congregate or where food parks are held. The good thing about mobile catering is that mobile catering business owners can save money since there is often no rent to pay and there is no need to set up or build an actual brick and mortar establishment. Keep in mind, though, that mobile catering establishments may operate on a much smaller scale compared to a typical restaurant, you can enjoy your work there if you love food and are excited to try new things and be ‘in the midst of it all.’

3. Restaurant catering

Perhaps the most common and popular form of catering which has been done for years, restaurant catering, is simply catering which comes from a restaurant. The restaurant will offer a catering alternative to their customers, and the catering service they provide may also include a form of delivery or transport of the food to individual clients or clients from offices and organisations.

Catering sector jobs

Now that you know the different kinds of catering establishments out there, it would be good to have an idea of what jobs are suitable for your skills and abilities. One popular job in catering – Food Service Manager, where you are in charge of coordinating with clients and staff, scheduling deliveries, as well as taking charge of the execution of the food requirements, as explained by a respected hotel recruitment agency Dublin such as Maria Logan Recruitment. Another job – Catering Chef, can have various speciality requirements as well, such as baking or pastry chef, culinary nutrition chef, and more.

To break into the catering industry, it would be good for you to have a number of skills and abilities, such as a good memory (taking orders from a large crowd can be very tricky, for instance), good social skills, especially for angry customers, and good skills in management, especially in planning, distributing work tasks, and executing food orders, particularly large ones.