Benefits of Using a Hospitality Recruitment Agency

For many companies, to hire a new worker is time-consuming but it is vitally important for the running of a business. The Hospitality Industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in Ireland and globally. You need to consider the rampant pace at which this industry is growing. It is inevitable that the most successful operators will implement strategic recruiting practices. The most effective way of hiring the best staff for your business is to utilise a Recruitment Agency. The role of a recruiting agency is to help job seekers find employment while also helping a company to find the right person for the job that they are advertising. It is believed, that over 70% of job seekers will apply for jobs that they aren’t qualified to do so. Companies will hire a specialised recruitment agency, so they do not have to sort through hundreds of applications for a job. With the number of people applying for certain jobs, they do not have the time to go through them, therefore, hiring an agency will take care of this process and find the perfect candidate for you.
Below are a few main benefits of using a Hospitality recruitment agency:

· They will save you Money and Time

savemoneyIn any business, time is money and utilising the help of a recruiting agency is a time saver. The initial stages of sorting through all the applications are time-consuming for any business, as there are so many people to go through no business will want to go through this process. The use of a recruiting agency is a huge benefit and much quicker. They collect and assess CV’s, check the reference and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques, so your business won’t have to. Once a recruiter understands your business and goals, they will hire the right people for your company in a timely and cost-effective manner.

· They are experts in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality recruitment agencies have direct experience, exposure, PR, and contacts in the hospitality industry. They know and understand the trends in hiring the best and top talent for the job. They will also offer you specific knowledge, salary levels, market trends, and the skills that are required to be successful in the industry. The resourcefulness and the PR are what sets a recruiting agency apart from conventional recruiters.

· Faster Recruitment Process

The competition is fierce in the hospitality sector. Therefore, finding the right and suitable candidate with the right set of skills can take weeks or months. All the reviewing of CV’s, interviews, and processing offers can take time. All of this can delay the recruiting process. This means because the process has dragged out, this will increase your risk of losing top talent to a competitor. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who will facilitate and work closely during the process resulting in an efficient and streamlined hiring process. The interviews can start a lot sooner, and this will help you get the talent you need as quickly as possible.

· They know what you will be asked during an interview

Most companies have different interview styles and format. Many job seekers won’t know what to expect when being interviewed by a company. Recruitment agencies who have placed certain candidates with companies previously, they will know exactly how to prepare applicants for an interview, be it the first round, second round, or final round.

· They have access to the best talent available

maria-logan-recruitment-sliderIn addition to sorting through all applications that have been submitted, they have access to the best talent that is available. This includes the best candidates that are currently employed elsewhere. A lot of qualified people will work closely with recruitment agencies if they are looking for new opportunities. They have their own database of qualified applicants that they can pull directly from when needed.

· They can offer you complete Peace-of-Mind

The leading recruitment agency will always have a good established track record in helping your company find the right candidates for the job. Once you have arranged a meeting and interview with their tapered down choices that they have chosen for you, you will feel a lot more assured and have more confidence with your concluding employment process. They will offer you more assurance in making your decision.

· Building a Relationship

After you have built trust and a bond with your recruitment agency, your hiring’s in the future for your business will be a lot smoother. They will know exactly what qualities you want from them and from the applicants. Once you have another position available, you can inform them in quickly and satisfactory manner. They can help grow your business and strengthen it.

· They can offer valuable insights into the Hospitality industry

conaty skillRecruitment agencies spend most their days, all day, working to provide staffing solutions for organisations across all hospitality sectors. They have a significant expertise and jobs market insight which employers can use in their recruitment strategy plan. They understand employers needs, candidate expectations, and the jobs market. They are the ideal solution to help employers make educated decisions which will, in turn, have a positive effect on the business.

When it comes to hiring, employers do not have to go it alone. With all the benefits of a recruitment agency, they can help your business and organisations grow, access skills, and gain experienced applicants without breaking the bank. It allows you to free up time and drive your business forward. They can help you with your short-term goals at reasonable costs and keep employees happy an motivated. With the right agency, they can expedite the recruitment process and deliver the desired talent for even the most complex roles.


Our GDPR Policy – Your Privacy


Your Privacy, Our Promise

At Maria Logan Recruitment, your right to privacy is paramount. We commit to following all principles and guidelines outlined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 25th 2018.

The GDPR is designed to protect individuals and their personal data. As part of the GDPR, we seek consent for all data we collect, collected only to enable the recruitment process.

We guarantee that your personal information will be used for seeking new employment only. We guarantee that your information is being held securely and will not be shared with any third parties unless you provide consent with one of our team.

Below, we have demonstrated the type of data we collect, how that data is collected and where your information is stored.

The Types of Data We Collect

Maria Logan Recruitment collects 2 types of data: Non-personal and Personal data.

  1. Non-Personal Data

Non-Personal Data cannot be used to identify or contact you. It can include:

  • Statistical information about visitors to website
  • Demographic information
  • Browser types
  1. Personal data

Personal data relates to a specific individual who may be identifiable from that data. This can include:

  • Contact information such as address and phone number
  • 3rd party references
  • Notes from meetings/interviews/phone calls with you
  • Your work experience and qualifications
  • Any other data related to possible work placements


Who will be collecting your personal data?

Maria Logan Recruitment is a specialist recruitment consultancy that focuses on the hospitality and catering sector in Dublin, Ireland. We recruit for and place candidates in positions for numerous organisations in hospitality related roles.

Your personal data will only be collected by Maria Logan Recruitment to provide you with recruitment services.


How your data will be collected?

Maria Logan Recruitment collects personal data directly from you, when you:

  • Deal with Maria Logan Recruitment by phone, letter, email or web
  • Supply a CV or other form of application
  • Subscribe to email updates
  • Submit any information in connection with an application

We would also collect personal data from 3rd parties, including:

  • Professionals references


How your data will be stored

We will store your data in our CRM System Arithon, an internal system only accessible by our recruitment team. Our use of Arithon ensures that your data is securely stored. Our consultants can search and process this data, only in order to provide you with recruitment services.

If you apply for a role via our website, a copy of your application and CV will be automatically stored by WordPress and Broadbean. This ensures the security of your data.

When you click agree to our policy, we receive a pdf record containing your email and full name. We retain this as a record of who has agreed to our policy. This is then stored on Arithon.


What we will do with your data

Maria Logan Recruitment may use and disclose your personal data for the following reasons:

  • to provide recruitment and related services
  • to find suitable job opportunities for you
  • to apply for jobs on your behalf
  • to market our recruitment services to you
  • to improve Maria Logan Recruitment’s customer service
  • to contact you on occasion with information with career opportunities


Note, your personal details such as your CV will only be distributed to third party clients after receiving you consent to do so.


Your security, our priority

Our security procedures protect data from being misused, misplaced, or accessed, changed or disclosed by unauthorised people.

Your data can only be accessed by authorised persons in order to provide you with recruitment and recruitment-related services.

For more information, contact company Director Maria Logan on 01 677 4680.

catering recruitment agency Ireland

Catering Recruitment Agency Ireland

Running a restaurant or catering business is never easy. There are a lot of details in the operation that you have to deal with. You also need a full staff, especially for large events. In some cases, several events happen at once. You don’t want to refuse an opportunity to provide catering services since this could also affect your business. You can easily manage the operation though when you have the best people for the job.

To make it easier for you, choose a catering recruitment agency Ireland. They specialise in providing companies with quality employees to do the job. You just have to let them know the nature of the position you want to be filled and they will do the rest.

Hospitality staff

If you want people to work as cooks, waters, food artists and technicians, they can immediately give the best employees to work with you. It is also possible to hire part-time employees if you only need them for certain jobs. These agencies have a bank of potential employees you can choose from. They will filter the choices on your behalf and send you only those who deserve to work with you considering the standards of the company.

Managerial positions

You can count on the hotel recruitment agency to help out not only in deploying hospitality staff but even managers. They can provide supervisors, team coordinators and head chef to help you. These are more serious positions, so you can be more involved in the selection process. Nevertheless, they can help fill those positions for you.

Hiring process

If you choose to partner with a catering recruitment agency in Dublin, you can count on them to deal with the entire process. They will contact potential employees. They will also screen them. They will help negotiate the terms and conditions of employment. They will even provide orientation for you. This process becomes easier for you since you just have to wait until someone is deployed.

You can even call them back to let them know that you were not satisfied with certain employees whom they have sent. They can send an instant replacement since it is their responsibility to give you the kind of staff you need to do the job.

Finalising the partnership

If you have finally decided to partner with a hotel and catering recruitment agency in Dublin, you can hash out the details of the said partnership. You need to decide how the payment should be made. It can be by counting the number of employees sent to work with you. It can also be on a monthly basis, regardless of the number of employees deployed. You choose whatever works for you. Be practical in making your decision.

Ultimately, you should feel better since you now have a partner when it comes to recruitment. You don’t have to go through this long process on your own. You can also count on the agency to do a great job in screening the choices.

hospitality agency

Hospitality Agency

In terms of employment for your hotel and restaurant business, you have two options. You can either set up a human resource division to take care of all staffing related issues or you can partner with a hospitality agency. You have to weigh these options properly since the success or failure of your business depends on the kind of staff you choose to work with you.

Setting up an employment department

It is a good idea to have a human resource division in the company. Aside from hiring, they also have a lot of other tasks to do especially with regard to the employees you already employ. When hiring is also a part of their responsibilities, it becomes a challenge.

Although you have the right people to screen applicants, the downside is that they can only choose from within a bunch of applicants. Regardless of the quality of the people who have applied for the job, they have no choice but to make a decision. They can count on online job portals or referrals for potential applicants. This might work for a small business, but not if you have a huge pool of staff to manage.

Choosing a hospitality agency

The good thing when you partner with a hospitality recruitment agency is that they can easily present to you the best people for the job. They have a deep database of potential applicants, whether they are currently searching for a job or not. You just have to tell them the staff you need and the number. They will then deploy the best people in no time.

Those employees have already been filtered. You have the assurance that once they start working with you, they can provide quality services. They have gone through all the application documents. They have also done interviews. They could even negotiate the salary on your behalf. This makes the job a lot easier for you.

If you need someone as an immediate replacement because one or more of your employees decided not to work without permission, they can help you solve the problem right away. You can even call them to let them know if there is an underperforming staff from the employees they have given to you. The agency for hospitality recruitment in Dublin will then take immediate actions. This whole idea will help you save more time and money.

Choose the best employees

In the end, whether you pass this responsibility to your human resource department or you partner with a hospitality recruitment agency in Dublin, it is your choice. The goal is for you to have the employees you need as soon as you need them to help out.

Aside from hiring, you must also focus on the assessment of these employees. You want them to continually provide quality services. You can’t just observe their performance at first and let them do whatever they want along the way. This will not benefit them on a professional level either.

hospitality recruitment agency

Hospitality Recruitment Agency

There are agencies specialising in the recruitment of hospitality employees. They have a wide connection of potential employees and they can tap into a few more if you decide to partner with them. If you run a hotel or a restaurant business, you can count on a hospitality recruitment agency to help you out. This might be an additional cost, but you are actually getting a lot in return.

You will save time

To begin with, their help could help you save a lot of time. You don’t have to go through a long hiring process. They will shorten the process for you. They will even provide employees you need for emergency replacement. If you are screening the applicants yourself, it would be very tough for you. There are hundreds of job applicants. You need to check their application documents, hold an interview and provide orientation. You can skip this entire process if you have a trusted hospitality agency doing the job.

You will get only the best

Another reason why it is best to hire a hospitality agency is that they have a database of potential employees. Some are actively searching while others don’t. Regardless, they will find a way to help you land with the best people for the job. Before deployment, they have already screened all these applicants so you will get only the best of the bunch.

You can save more money

Yes, paying for hospitality recruitment in Dublin if your company is in this city would be costly. You might pay on a contract basis or be depending on the number of employees deployed to your company. However, if you are to look at the benefits, you can safely say that you have actually saved more money. Hiring takes time. Within the given time, you could have already done something else. Another benefit is that you don’t have to help negotiate with the potential employee about the salary. The agency will do it for you. Once you have accepted the employee, work begins right away. The best part is that some employees might not perform well. If they are under an agency, you just have to inform the agency and they will be replaced right away. Firing an employee without a replacement could harm your business. Retaining the underperforming employee has the same negative effect.

You will have peace of mind

You know that choosing a high-quality hospitality recruitment agency in Dublin will assure you that the operations will go on as usual. If there is a problem with the current staff, the agency is just one phone call away. As a business owner who already has a lot in mind, employment issues could be another problem to throw you off.

There are a lot of benefits in choosing a quality recruitment agency for staffing issues. They will not settle for anything less. They will make sure that you can get the right employees for the job.

hotel and catering recruitment

Hotel and Catering Recruitment

It is not easy finding the best employees to work with you in a hotel or restaurant. To begin with, they need to possess a lot of qualities for them to stay productive. Some of them might not live up to your standards. Worse, they could not even do the basic job and be a huge problem.

One way to solve this problem is by choosing the best agency for hotel and catering recruitment. You don’t have to go through the screening process. You don’t need to post ads about job openings. They will do everything for you. If you need people for certain positions, you will just inform them about it and they will help you out.

The hotel and catering recruitment agency Dublin, for instance, has a lot of contacts in their database. They can easily give these people a ring if you really need someone to work right away. This is true especially if your previous employee left the job while the operation is still going on and no replacement was found.

You just need to be careful since not all agencies for hotel and catering recruitment in Ireland are good enough. Some of them might bring you the best people for the job while others can’t. Before you even worry about searching for employees, you need to know first who to partner with.

Good reputation

You will easily know if an agency for hotel and catering recruitment in Dublin has a good reputation. Just ask other owners whom you know or read reviews online. If the said agency is doing a good job, you can find lots of positive reviews about them. Those with negative reviews should be avoided or else you will put yourself in trouble.

Extended Reach

You also want an agency that has a lot of contacts. With this, it is easier for them to dig deeper until they find the right person for the job. They won’t just settle for whoever is available because you are in a hurry. They can contact not only those who are actively searching for a job but even those who aren’t

Affordable Fees

Since you are asking for their services, you are expected to pay them. There are different terms depending on the agency you have partnered with. You can set a budget in advance so it will be easier for you to determine the range in which you will be comfortable with. You may also make a deal that is fair enough for both parties. Just don’t look for an agency with a really low fee for their services as the quality of the employees sent to you might also be affected.

In the end, you will find the right people for the job with the help of an agency. You just need to take time searching for the right partner and they will do the rest. This is better than seeking an employee each time you need one.

hotel and catering recruitment Dublin

Hotel and Catering Recruitment Dublin

The success of your hotel and restaurant business depends on the type of people working for you. If they are responsible enough, they can contribute to your growth. Otherwise, they will be a huge burden. Instead of providing quality services, your guests could end up with tons of complaints. You don’t want them to feel this way. The reputation of your business will most likely be affected.

You need to take a look at the best qualities that an employee must possess if they work for the hotel and restaurant industry. Here are some of the qualities to consider for hotel and catering recruitment Dublin.


You want people who are not just working for the sake of getting money. You need people who are really interested in your success. They want to help your business grow. They can only succeed in making your guests feel satisfied if they have a positive disposition. Otherwise, their job will also be affected.

Good communication skills

When it comes to hotel and catering recruitment for employees, you should always take into consideration their communication skills. Regardless of the nature of their work in the hotel, they must have the ability to send their thoughts clearly. Otherwise, there will be a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication. They might be simple, but they could have an adverse effect on the operation.


You want employees who are oozing with energy. They must always strive to do the best possible work. They should not easily get tired even if the job gets too demanding. During peak seasons, they still need to retain their energy level or else the customers will feel it.

Able to work well with others

Hotels and restaurants need team players. The business works only when everyone is pulling their share during the operation. You don’t need employees who are too lazy to even care about others. You also don’t need people who have attitude problems and just could not blend with anyone, even for the sake of finishing the job.

Highly organised

You also need employees who are highly organised since the job can be puzzling at times. There are tasks on top of another, especially during busy months. If they easily get rattled with the nature of the jobs given, they might not feel good about it. They could even give up in the middle of the work and this affects everything else. You need someone who can survive pressure or even strive in it.

There are a lot of qualities to look for in an employee who will work in this industry. Finding them on your own could be a challenge. Some of them might even decide to leave in the middle of the job. Your operations will be left hanging.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to partner with an agency for hotel and catering recruitment Ireland. The right agency has contacts with a lot of employees who could potentially work for you. With the help of this catering recruitment agency Ireland, in no time, you can get the right people for the job. You don’t need to worry about screening them or even finding them to begin with.

hotel and catering recruitment Ireland

Hotel and Catering Recruitment Ireland

Running a hotel and staffing it with the best people is a challenge. Employees come and go and training and retaining all of them is not easy. Employees are always on the look out for better opportunities, better prospects. Therefore, choosing an agency for hotel and catering recruitment is a great way to ensure you to find the best staff for your hotel establishment.

With the help of an agency, someone else with the specific hotel and catering recruitment experience can undertake the hiring on your behalf. They will be responsible for hiring suitable people to place in your company. If you suffer a staff shortage for whatever reason, or you find the staff they have sent are not suitable, the agency will ensure to send a replacement as soon as possible.

They know the market

Partnering with a hotel and catering recruitment agency is also a good idea in a sense that they are specialists in this field. They have a large number of suitable candidates on their books who can be deployed to work for your hotel and restaurant. They also understand the complexity of hospitality recruitment. They can hire the right people with the best skill sets, conduct training so that when the employees are deployed, they are fully ready to take on the responsibility.

They have the best people for the job

If you are able to pay the employees well and you have great benefits to offer, these agencies for hotel and catering recruitment Dublin have an extended reach. It means that they can easily find someone who is even employed to work for you if they know that the said person is great in doing the job. Some others might have moved to other industries and are currently inactive, but may change their minds if you have something good to offer. The level of connection that these agencies have is something you don’t have if you just do the hunt on your own.

The agency can orient the potential employees

Sometimes, doing orientation for new employees takes time. When you choose a catering recruitment agency in Ireland, they can do this task for you. They can inform the employees about how it is like to work with your company, what benefits they will receive and what potential career choices there are. Once they have already been employed, they can represent your company in a good way. Besides, they might try searching for information elsewhere and they won’t get the right idea about your company. With the agency doing it for you, there won’t be miscommunication.

There are a lot of other reasons for hiring employees for hotels and restaurant via an agency. As long as you choose the best agency to partner with, you are in good hands. You can count on them to bring the best people for the job as soon as you need their services. This takes a huge burden off your chest.

Hotel and catering recruitment agency Dublin

Hotel and Catering Recruitment Specialists in Ireland

Whether you are operating a 5-star hotel or a budget hotel, a small bed and breakfast or a country inn, you need a good manager. An experienced manager is vital to the success of your business and finding one with the right amount of experience and skill can be tricky. The good news is that they are out there, and it’s just up to you to find and hire them. If you are looking for a manager for your hotel, bed and breakfast, or inn, here’s how to properly choose one. We are hotel and catering recruitment specialists in Ireland – let us guide you the way.

The basics

Hotel managers are required to be on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a fact confirmed by experienced hotel and catering recruitment agency in Dublin like Maria Logan Recruitment. It doesn’t mean they have to constantly be on the premises (they have to sleep, too), but it means they have to be available in case there is an emergency. Being a manager is a big responsibility, and you have to find someone willing to take this responsibility on. Some basic skills you should be looking for would be an ability to relate to other people, whether it’s staff or guests, and an ability to supervise a team. You may also need a manager who has a good background when it comes to financial management, and you should look for a manager who has a solid background in marketing as well.

Specific tasks required of a hotel manager

  • Handling different staff heads
  • Supervising all operations

Your hotel manager should be able to handle different heads of staff, such as the heads of housekeeping, front desk, security, marketing, and more. All other managers will report to your hotel manager, so your hotel manager should know exactly what is going on and who is responsible for each department.

A good hotel manager is expected to supervise all operations in the hotel, be it reservations, accounting, housekeeping, catering recruitment and so on. Whilst special staff or software may be required to handle night audits, book-keeping, reservations, accounting, and so on, the manager should be aware of the status of the hotel and its progress, especially its revenues. In fact, the hotel manager should keep himself or herself abreast of two major elements: the sales and the revenues. Bear in mind that your hotel manager is also expected to determine the rates of rooms and authorise and oversee special offers and promotions.

At the end of the day, however, the hotel manager is expected to be right front and centre when it comes to your hotel guests. They need to be available for guest requests, complaints, and comments and are expected to provide a personalised service to each and every one.

Hotel recruitment agency Dublin

Hotel Recruitment

The hospitality industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s continuously growing, and this is great news for those who are seeking to establish themselves in the sector. A career as a hotel manager is the dream of many individuals, and for good reason. But what exactly does it take to become one, and how can you make the most of your chosen career? Here are some top tips for having a great career as a hotel manager.

Have a thirst for knowledge

As mentioned, the hospitality sector is constantly evolving, and change is inevitable. Maria Logan is on top of the changes and follows them to make sure they can perform the best of their ability. That’s why you need to keep up with these changes and have a knowledge of what’s coming. But aside from this, you have to be adept at whatever tasks are required of you – hotel managers are in charge of a multitude of tasks, and you should be able to identify potential problems and issues before they become full-blown crises. Learn as much as you can and keep yourself updated with the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Remember, competition is fierce, particularly in the hospitality sector – and if you don’t keep yourself updated, you can quickly be left behind.

Know what is required of you and be organised

Hotel managers have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, as any hotel recruitment agency in Dublin will tell you. One of your daily tasks is to supervise your staff, but you are also required to schedule various shifts, deal with guest and client complaints and requests, and delegate tasks to your staff. In order not to neglect your responsibilities, make sure you have organised a system that lets you manage everything with ease.

Be mindful of emergency situations

Hotels, just like any other place which is open to the general public, can quickly become the scene of emergency situations. It doesn’t matter what you do to try to avoid emergency situations – they will happen, and if they do, you need to be prepared. The key is how you respond to the emergency situation and what steps you take in order to alleviate it and its effects. A swift response is crucial, and this not only helps keep your hotel operations up and running – it helps keep your guests happy, not to mention uphold the reputation of your hotel.

Of course, having the proper degree is important, but so is receiving continuous training, be it through attending seminars and conferences or joining trade organisations. Being a successful hotel manager is not an easy task – but if you remain passionate, dedicated, and willing to learn, you can go far indeed.