Benefits of Using a Hospitality Recruitment Agency

For many companies, to hire a new worker is time-consuming but it is vitally important for the running of a business. The Hospitality Industry is one of the most lucrative sectors in Ireland and globally. You need to consider the rampant pace at which this industry is growing. It is inevitable that the most successful operators will implement strategic recruiting practices. The most effective way of hiring the best staff for your business is to utilise a Recruitment Agency. The role of a recruiting agency is to help job seekers find employment while also helping a company to find the right person for the job that they are advertising. It is believed, that over 70% of job seekers will apply for jobs that they aren’t qualified to do so. Companies will hire a specialised recruitment agency, so they do not have to sort through hundreds of applications for a job. With the number of people applying for certain jobs, they do not have the time to go through them, therefore, hiring an agency will take care of this process and find the perfect candidate for you.
Below are a few main benefits of using a Hospitality recruitment agency:

· They will save you Money and Time

savemoneyIn any business, time is money and utilising the help of a recruiting agency is a time saver. The initial stages of sorting through all the applications are time-consuming for any business, as there are so many people to go through no business will want to go through this process. The use of a recruiting agency is a huge benefit and much quicker. They collect and assess CV’s, check the reference and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques, so your business won’t have to. Once a recruiter understands your business and goals, they will hire the right people for your company in a timely and cost-effective manner.

· They are experts in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality recruitment agencies have direct experience, exposure, PR, and contacts in the hospitality industry. They know and understand the trends in hiring the best and top talent for the job. They will also offer you specific knowledge, salary levels, market trends, and the skills that are required to be successful in the industry. The resourcefulness and the PR are what sets a recruiting agency apart from conventional recruiters.

· Faster Recruitment Process

The competition is fierce in the hospitality sector. Therefore, finding the right and suitable candidate with the right set of skills can take weeks or months. All the reviewing of CV’s, interviews, and processing offers can take time. All of this can delay the recruiting process. This means because the process has dragged out, this will increase your risk of losing top talent to a competitor. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who will facilitate and work closely during the process resulting in an efficient and streamlined hiring process. The interviews can start a lot sooner, and this will help you get the talent you need as quickly as possible.

· They know what you will be asked during an interview

Most companies have different interview styles and format. Many job seekers won’t know what to expect when being interviewed by a company. Recruitment agencies who have placed certain candidates with companies previously, they will know exactly how to prepare applicants for an interview, be it the first round, second round, or final round.

· They have access to the best talent available

maria-logan-recruitment-sliderIn addition to sorting through all applications that have been submitted, they have access to the best talent that is available. This includes the best candidates that are currently employed elsewhere. A lot of qualified people will work closely with recruitment agencies if they are looking for new opportunities. They have their own database of qualified applicants that they can pull directly from when needed.

· They can offer you complete Peace-of-Mind

The leading recruitment agency will always have a good established track record in helping your company find the right candidates for the job. Once you have arranged a meeting and interview with their tapered down choices that they have chosen for you, you will feel a lot more assured and have more confidence with your concluding employment process. They will offer you more assurance in making your decision.

· Building a Relationship

After you have built trust and a bond with your recruitment agency, your hiring’s in the future for your business will be a lot smoother. They will know exactly what qualities you want from them and from the applicants. Once you have another position available, you can inform them in quickly and satisfactory manner. They can help grow your business and strengthen it.

· They can offer valuable insights into the Hospitality industry

conaty skillRecruitment agencies spend most their days, all day, working to provide staffing solutions for organisations across all hospitality sectors. They have a significant expertise and jobs market insight which employers can use in their recruitment strategy plan. They understand employers needs, candidate expectations, and the jobs market. They are the ideal solution to help employers make educated decisions which will, in turn, have a positive effect on the business.

When it comes to hiring, employers do not have to go it alone. With all the benefits of a recruitment agency, they can help your business and organisations grow, access skills, and gain experienced applicants without breaking the bank. It allows you to free up time and drive your business forward. They can help you with your short-term goals at reasonable costs and keep employees happy an motivated. With the right agency, they can expedite the recruitment process and deliver the desired talent for even the most complex roles.