10 Important Tips on how to Get Hired Fast

Are you searching for a new job and are you finding it difficult and starting to feel a little discouraged? When you are looking for a new job, the interview and searching process can seem like forever. Whether you are switching to a new job or just simply starting out there are ways to get hired quicker than you can think. The job market is saturated with a high caliber of candidates. This simply means you must think smarter about your job searching strategies. The market is extremely competitive so why not use these helpful tips to help you to beat your competition and get a job fast.

  • Do not Apply for Every Job that you See

Focus on job searches that you are qualified to do. It will give you a better chance of being selected for an interview. Sending out random cover letters and your Curriculum Vitae will be a waste of your time. Take some time to search for a job that you are actually seeking.

  • Register with a recruitment Agency 

Teaming up with a recruitment agency could be the perfect solution. Recruitment agencies such as us can help you find full time, part-time, and other job opportunities no matter where you are in your career.


  • Keep applying for jobs while you wait   

Many job seekers are rejected numerous times before they actually receive an interview for a position. Keep applying for other jobs until you receive the right offer and even if you receive an interview from an employer still keep your options open.

  • Always have your cover letter   

It only takes a few seconds to impress a potential employer enough for you to be selected for an interview. Grab their attention with an impressive cover letter stating what you can do for their company and highlight your specific qualifications.

  • Have your CV reviewed   

Just like your cover letter, your CV is just as important. Have your CV reviewed and professionally written. You are on the job hunt, so it is important to highlight your certain experience and skills that will perfectly cater to the job position that you are applying for.

  • Dress to Impress   

First impressions are everything, you have limited time to impress the potential employer before they can decide on whether they want to hire you or not. Dress for the job you are going for, wearing simple and appropriate attire.


  • Always be yourself during the interview   

Many employers do not want to see a fake smile and rehearsed answers. This can be misleading. Be honest and be yourself it is the best way of showing the employer what skills you have and the person you really are.

  • Have References   

Employers can check for references, so it is important to have a list from previous employers, through networking, or even anyone who can speak on your experience and skills.

  • Follow Up   

If you have not heard back from the employer a few days after the interview, then you should follow up on this. Send an email or a letter thanking them, state in the letter that you really appreciated the opportunity and it was a pleasure to meet them. Leave your contact information so they can contact you with any questions. This shows you are very interested in the position.

  • Be confident and Engaging   

This can range from having a firm handshake or answering any questions straightforward. Have good posture and be confident in yourself and your skills. Many employers will notice if you are not listening or interested. Ask questions if something is unclear to you, nod your head that you are listening, and always keep eye contact. This will show confidence and a sense of good leadership skills. There is nothing more impressive than someone who shows up to an interview being fully prepared.